"Brain Intelligence is The Gate To Your Customer Mind"

Our focus

Using Neurological Methods to Understand Consumer Decision
Games Development

Fun is the fundamental force that drives people to playing games. Therefore, creating“fun experience” for players is the key to a successful game.

Brand & Concept

Brand perception is poses great impact on consumer’s decision making process, as well as customer loyalty construction.


We apply neuroscientific technologies to consumers’ experience, assisting clients during the whole process of product research and development.


Understand what areas consumers pay attention to when they look at the packaging. Design the packaging based on consumer habits

Ad Effectiveness

The appropriateness of creatives and content determines whether an ad can spur positive emotion among customers towards the product and the brand, which might influence their buying decision.


Today, audience attention is being severely segmented by increasing number of media platforms. Neuromarketing helps business with cross-screen advertising strategy and maximising media ROI.


We are able to offer very actionable insights: why users get confused and exhausted, and what could be changed to become better.

Our Technology

solid & trustworthy results
Why Neuromarketing?

• Neuromarketing is the application of cognitive neuroscience to marketing. It is now one of the most advanced technologies available for understanding consumer behavior. •By simultaneously measuring consumer eye movement and brain reaction towards advertisements and products, we come up with insightful results which are direct, objective and precise.


    people only buy things that they have seen

  • EEG

    to understand the “why” in consumer decision making.

  • IAT

    probable ad reception, consumer preference, as well as to evaluate ad creatives objectively.


    fMRI,Skin Response,Heart Rate,Facial Electromyography


Our Team

Management Team
Ruihong Tang
Ruihong Tang is Founder and CEO of Brain Intelligence. The company is a result of her professional training and research interests and aims to be a bridge between the academic and commercial worlds. Tang was elected as the national chairperson (China) of Neuromarketing Science & Business Association in 2012.
Witold Kozlowski
Graduated from Cambridge University, Kozlowski gained rich experience in the operation of B2C sites through running a successful E-commerce website (which was later acquired by a venture capital firm). He is now the COO of Brain Intelligence.
Sien Lin
Dr of Cognitive Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the most prestigious scientific institutes in country. With a special research focus towards attention, emotion and decision making process, Lin owns proficiency in neuroscientific knowledge and technologies, enabling her to create the most appropriate experiment and research design for each client.
Medo Farekh
Director of Business Development & operations
Medo has been in China since 2007, studied MBA at peking University,then joined Happy Elements to start his career in the game industry. He gained huge experience in Chinese market and Chinese UX.


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