Brain Intelligence joins Vivaki in “The Pool” Lane 3

(11th Dec-Beijing)Vivaki announced the kick-off of “The Pool’s” Lane 3 research initiative in China, the first cross-media (TV and Online TV) advertisement evaluation project in the country employing the neuromarketing research (provided by Brain Intelligence).

This is the third time that The Pool, which works to create alignment on advertising solutions of the future through the pooling of resources, is launched with a focus on online advertisement effectiveness.  Applying advanced neuroscientific techniques, Lane 3 will focus on comparing the advertising effectiveness between TV and online video, as well as explore the effectiveness of both when used in conjunction to perfect cross-media advertising solutions for the Chinese market.

With the successful launch of Lane 1 and Lane 2, Lane 3 has gathered attention from leading Chinese online video (OLV) websites and advertisers for this year’s program. Participating OLV websites include Youku/Tudou, iQIYI, Sohu Video, leTV, and PPTV, as well as advertisers L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Mengniu, Mars, Diageo, Nature’s Bounty.

The research design of Lane 3 consists of two parts. In Part One, VivaKi and Brain Intelligence, the leading neuromarketing company in China, will recruit target audiences in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities that watch both TV programs and consume online video. These will then be tested using rigorous neuroscientific techniques in order to evaluate, rank, and compare the various features of TV and online video advertisments to extract actionable insights for marketers considering launching cross-media campaigns.

The application of neuroscience – the study of the brain – to marketing is a cutting edge research method that has been developed over the past decade, having been successfully applied in fields such as advertising, media, and brand research. The approach has already developed into the mature stage overseas, particularly in the United States. Realizing its powerful advantages in explaining consumer sub-conscious decision making and purchasing process and behavior, many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Nestle have already set up neuroscience marketing research laboratories.

Lane 3 is the first such program in China to apply neuroscience to evaluate the effectivenss of cross-media advertisements. The research analyzes the brain’s cognitive activity as consumers navigate and watch various advertisments across different media, comparing visual attention (VAS metric), emotional scores (Emo.I metric), and a combination of the two (VES metric). The method provides a quantifiable, uniform, and standardized metric that is comparable across all media channels and devices, something that more traditional research methods fail to do in a robust enough manner, and hence offering media and advertising strategy makers a scientific and effective tool.

Lance 3 will use sophisticated neuroscientific techniques, combined with more traditional questionnaires, consumer behavioral observations, and case studies to compare in depth the effectiveness of TV and online video advertising, hence offering evidenced, practical, and actionable advice to advertisers in designing their cross-media advertising and evaluation plans. The results of Lane 3 will be published in March 2013.


About The Pool

VivaKi’s The Pool is a first of its kind industry program that unites the financial resources and thought leadership of its clients and a host of content providers to test and create industry standards for advertising solutions of the future.  By “pooling” insights and resources, this initiative aims to identify future advertising solutions across a variety of platforms. Participating clients and content providers are given the opportunity to view and evaluate new advertising models and receive access to all proprietary research ahead of the marketplace.