User Experience

Identify usability issues, optimise user experience 

Eye-tracking research provides valuable insights into browsing patterns of users, finds out where they focus on and how long have they focus on those spots. And then, combining in-depth RTA (Retrospective Think Aloud) interviews, issues regarding usability and user experience can be objectively revealed.

Usability test: Flight booking sites

  • With a well established travel sites which 80% of the user would like to recommend, we identified more than 20 usability issues that they could still improve.
  • These issues were directly related with drop-out rate!
  • Only 50% of these issues were identified through earlier web analytics method. However, even though these issues were identified, no possible solutions could be offered from the traditional method.
  • We are able to offer very actionable insights: why users get confused and exhausted, and what could be changed to become better.
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