360° Gameplay Research

Fun is the fundamental force that drives people to playing games. Therefore, creating“fun experience” for players is the key to a successful game.


What makes a game fun? The fun is embedded in game elements such as storyline, visual and audio stimuli that stimulate immersion. It also lies in game mechanics such as balance, length, reward system that stimulate flow experience.


Neuro-technologies monitor emotion reactions in the brain and the body. By applying EEG and Biometrics tracking, we quantify real-time emotional experience, helping developers to make games that create real “fun”.

Eye-tracking research monitors visual attention and players’ their gazing pattern, it is particularly efficient for game playability evaluation.

Brain Intelligence has been working with the Chinese gaming giant Tencent to provide neuro-research on their mobile and PC video games.

and Perfect World used our neuro-research in many of their games .

Our Clients: